Small budgets have resulted in basic yet excellent guitar models throughout the history of music.

A P90 on mahogany in Cherry has served as inspiration for a highlight on the MAYBACH gourmet menu. The creation is called MAYBACH® Albatroz 65, based on the best ingredients - no frills and a pleasant "handy" '65 neck shape. Pure sound and an absolute lightweight! 100% demon for work and the stunning sound of a single P90 pickup! Real tone gourmets are spared the sound losses that the magnetic field of a neck pickup in off-operation has on the vibration behaviour of the sounding strings. But no matter whether it's a former economy measure - if you can master this classic guitar and play its sound facets, you will be rewarded truly. The P90 sound is something special. It glitters slightly higher than a humbucker, but because of its higher output it sounds fatter and warmer than a "normal" single coil. Our hot, low-noise "We-are-P90" AmberPickup excellently masters clean&dirty and impressed our jury with its sound, the tonal spectrum and these overtones. By the way, all AmberPickups used by MAYBACH are available individually or as a set as replacement parts. The MAYBACH® Albatroz 65 is painted with nitro lacquer and is available in the colours Cherry, Vintage Cream and TV Yellow.