The ST-style model is the most successful solid body electric guitar overall – with greetings from Jimi Hendrix.

Since 1954 guitar slingers all over the world have been inspired by this unique guitar design: the ST-style model. It still is the most successful solid body electric guitar overall. Period. Thanks to its versatility and range of sound options, its vibrato and pleasant body shape, it quickly became an integral part of popular bands of all genres. In the mid-60s, guitar hero Jimi Hendrix turned this guitar into an icon. For decades now it has been providing Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck, Mark Knopfler and many others with their signature sound and has added glitter and glimmer to countless pop recordings. A remarkable career for an instrument! Specifically for the Maybach Stradovari's design and combination of woods of the S54 (swamp ash body, maple neck & fretboard) and S61 (swamp ash body, maple neck, rosewood fretboard), Amber Pickups created brilliant pickups that provide an awesome, kick-ass sound. We only use nitro varnish on Maybach Stradovari guitars which are available in Caddy Blue, Olympic White, 2-tone and 3-tone Sunburst. It’s undeniable that cracks in the guitar’s finish influence its resonance in a positive way. For guitarists who prefer a livelier sound the Maybach Stradovari S54 with maple neck is the perfect choice.

Tip: Use the volume control for the „violin sound“. Set it to zero, hit a string, crank the control with your little finger and turn it down again.