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Welcome to Maybach Guitars

When in search of a great guitar, a real musician cannot pass by Maybach Guitars.

Maybach Guitars are objects of desire and lust. They look fantastic and feel even better. Every instrument is hand-crafted by a small team of experienced guitar-makers. Industrial assembly-line production of guitars is a no-go for everyone on the Maybach team.

Since 1985 the iMusicnetwork team has been developing ideas and concepts for great electric guitars. Every instrument is a testament to their passion for detail. Questions of design and improvement on time-tested traditions are matters of subtlety and nuance.

The style of Maybach instruments is as unique as its target group: If you play a Maybach guitar you are more interested in quality than in a brand name. Maybach guitarists have values and dreams. They are interested in the real thing, in the look, feel and sound of a guitar. They love finding and cherishing something new.

Maybach instruments are made for guitarists with taste and an appreciation of quality. This website gives you insight into the line of Maybach guitars.


Our selection

Every model a legend

Maybach guitars are made for professional guitarists looking for quality guitars for stage and studio rather than a display cabinet – hand-made in Europe.


Welcome to the club

These artists are fans of the Maybach sound

The combination of cherished tradition and the hand-made vibe has convinced many popular guitar players so much that they have started the Maybach Player’s Club online. Want to join?


Hand-made in Europe

High-quality components

Only select, quality European or legally imported parts are used when first-class Maybach instruments are made in Europe, custom made, that is.


Where to get them?

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