Riding with the Wind!

When you’ve been through it all, and when you’re at a loss, when your guitar world seems to be at a standstill, the Maybach Little Wing will be at your side. A design that appears self-contained, like a small island in the endless Pacific Ocean, and that promises one thing above all: freedom! Freedom from conventions, traditionalisms, antiquities, and superfluities. The given goal of our Little Wing is to be wide open to everything, the ease of flying over obstacles and letting the flow arise in every respect. The guitar, in general, is a magical instrument, and the Maybach Little Wing is the supernatural witch that will mesmerize you, too. 

Maybach Little Wing Electric Guitar Hero Shot

Music is my Religion! (Jimi Hendrix)

The Maybach Little Wing approaches its mission to make this world a better place in various builds to be adequately rigged for all conditions. Once with an arched top, and another time with a flat top. Once with Amber „Spirit of ’59“ humbucker, another time with Amber P90 or Charlie Christian pickups. Common to all versions of the Little Wing is a sandwich body construction with a solid maple top and back and a body frame made of solid Okoume, a wood native to Gabon with excellent sound characteristics. The large cavities of this construction routed around a clever center block (no feedback!) ensure a sound character that is airy in the best sense, providing great versatility, dynamics, and sovereignty. 

The fact that the mahogany neck with its rosewood fingerboard is glued to the body via a long tenon neck joint also benefits vibration transmission. It lets you feel your input into the guitar directly and creates the guitar’s output as yours. Mission completed! 

Many expressive, tastefully lightly aged nitrocellulose finishes such as Dirty Lemon, Havana Tobacco, Earl Grey, Midnight Sunset, and others are available. 

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