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Nothing feels better than a perfectly shaped guitar! A guitar that fits the musician perfectly from head to toe and precisely fits his needs, and that gives him back so much that he, as a musician, gets better every day.

Our Stradovari Series gives you just that all-important feeling – of finally coming home! 

Maybach Stradovari Electric Guitar Hero Shot

Half A Truth Is Often A Great Lie. (Benjamin Franklin)

Only meticulous craftsmanship and a wealth of knowledge about the traditions of guitar building can realize the standard of truth that the implementation of the genuine specifications of traditional guitar design claims. And that’s why we at Maybach focus on the whole truth! At Maybach, we are building no more and no less true-spec guitars – with every detail. And with the best materials, qualified guitar builders, great competence, and a watchful eye on what the wood industry will offer us in the future.  

The world is not what it used to be – and that’s what we at Maybach keep a very close eye on. By producing all our instruments in Europe with primarily European-sourced wood and only a tiny amount of coherently imported materials from other countries, we can build first-class guitars in traditional shape and construction with a low Co2 footprint. 


Stradiva . . . no, Stradovari!🎸

Nick Jennison did an amazing review for Guitar Interactive magazine.

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