The year 1959 was the godfather for the MAYBACH® Capitol, which is an homage to the archtop classic.

We take a look back to the year 1958: a new beauty is singing on the stages and in the studios. Chuck Berry and B. B. King were suddenly seen and heard with stunningly beautiful semi-acoustics.
These guitars with their flat, hollow body, vaulted top, F-shaped sound holes, two cutaways and two humbuckers produce the warm "wooden" sound that jazz and blues musicians discovered for their art from the very beginning.
But it was Eric Clapton who showed at the Cream during his time that a ripped up amp can work wonders. Noel Gallagher from Oasis and several indie bands have celebrated their music with the charming, powerful guitar sound of the 1960s. Of course the sound spectrum of this guitar model cannot be limited to the decade and styles mentioned above. The guitar is simply too versatile and the musicians are too keen to experiment.
Pickup-freak Wolfgang Damm knows how to pick ‘em because the "wooden" sound of his Amber Pickups "Spirit of ’59" was enthusiastically waved through by the tone-freaks of the MAYBACH jury at the first test with an "all thumbs up".
MAYBACH Capitols are painted exclusively with nitro lacquer in the colours Tobacco Sunburst, Cherry, Chocolate, and Black.