Be What You Are! 

Individualists, mavericks, and free spirits need tools that express their extraordinary creativity, liberated from all the ballast of tradition and the ordinary. Light, agile, fast, spontaneous, and with a sound that answers all the questions of this world and leaves no more questions behind. Only the musician and his instrument, reduced to the essentials, are significant and a requirement for creations that will stand the test of time. The Albatroz Series gives you all the tools necessary for the artist’s path. 

Maybach Albatroz Electric Guitar Hero Shot

The Best Rock ’n’ Roll Got Its Birth In The Blues. (Angus Young) 

The Maybach Albatroz 65 Series instruments are blessed with specific ingredients to rock in a sophisticated way. These are classic ingredients like the lightweight mahogany for body and neck, these are outstanding pickups in P90 and humbucker formats from famous manufacturers like renowned German company Amber, but it is also the proper grip of the 65 neck profile that feels oh-so-familiar. 

All Maybach Albatroz 65 Series instruments are traditionally finished with Nitro lacquer, allowing the instrument to breathe Rock ’n‘ Roll. And finally, you can choose between several classy, slightly aged finishes like Dark Wine Red, Walnut TV-Yellow, Vintage White or Black. 

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