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When a genius musician shook the music world with an ingenious guitar design long ago, no one could have expected that he had enthroned the coming queen of the electric guitar world. When this queen cemented her reign in the 1960s with legendary blues-rock sounds from incredibly talented guitar heroes, she got the rock rolling and laid a fundamental foundation for unforgettable trademark sounds. Without them, today’s guitar world would sound completely different. No wonder this guitar design has become one of the most popular in electric guitar history – and one of the most successful in the Maybach world. 

We build the Lester Series with the best possible awareness of this great tradition of the golden Fifties. Each Lester leaves our workshop knowing it will carry on the great legacy of this genius musician to the world. And this leaves us both humble and proud. 

Maybach Lester Electric Guitar Hero Shot

Rock 'n' Roll Has No Beginning And No End For It Is The Very Pulse Of Life Itself. (Larry Williams) 

The body shapes and neck profiles of this model’s best years have defined the standard to which each Maybach Lester faithfully aligns. With the selection of first-class tonewoods in traditionally proven combinations, we achieve the best possible basis for creating the many different but all magical sounds with which this model has left deep traces in electric guitar history. 

Two crucial issues have received our special attention. First, there is the weight of the guitar. Our special weight reduction ensures comfortable handling and supports the resonance of the selected and already light mahogany body – every Maybach Lester stays under the 4 kg barrier. Secondly, we work with famous pickup manufacturers who have developed outstanding products for this type of guitar. Like the Amber „Spirit of ’59“ humbucker, which realizes exactly the dynamic-earthy sound this guitar model stands for. 

Maybach Lester models are finished with nitro lacquer (except New Look Version) to let the breath of Rock‘  n‘ Roll flow and come in our MAYBACH Luxus Case.

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