Bart Dietvorst with his Maybach Teleman T54 Butterscotch

Studio and Live Guitarist from Holland


What’s better than an authentic vintage T-type tone with the vintage playing feel to match? Name one serious guitarist who can do without such a tone. We don’t know any… That twang sound bravely wrote the first chapter of electric guitar history. And it alone defines – at its best – the standard we set for our Maybach production. Without compromise, neither in material nor in manufacturing and construction. Consistent in the realization, even when it comes to the details. Pickups from Amber, specially developed for the authentic T-sound, but also, for example, the units from Texan premium manufacturer Van Zandt ensure precisely, in combination with the best woods, best hardware, and the correct construction method, this authentic sound, which has made our Teleman one of the most popular guitars in our catalog. 

The Teleman comes in many different versions with the best body and neck woods, matching the respective era of the classic of this guitar genre: As Teleman T54 with a sugar-pine body and maple neck, as T52 Keith with a humbucker in the neck position, as T61 with sugar-pine body and maple neck with rosewood fingerboard, as T66 with alder or sugar-pine body with binding and maple/rosewood neck and as T68 Thinline with an alder body and maple neck.   

The versatility of the Teleman models is topped only by the range of possible colors, which, like all Maybach paint finishes, are nitrocellulose with slight aging. Available colorways include Butterscotch, Cream, Caddy Blue, Miami Green, Wine Red Metallic, 2-Tone, and 3-Tone Sunburst. And more!



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