Rock ’n’ Roll Passion

After many dark years, the 1950s were a decade of departure into a new, better world that seemed to have no limits. An awakening aptly symbolized by the revolutionary new jet airplanes of the time. The guitar scene also joined headlong into the spirit of optimism and not only created one new product after another but also christened some of them with the name Jet – Ampeg’s Jet Amp and Gretsch’s Duo Jet are just two examples of this trend. However, the guitar that came closest to conveying the untamable, courageous spirit of the fifties was the legendary V model, which burst from the arc of the zeitgeist to break through the boundaries of the art of sound. Following this proud example, the Maybach Jetwing, with its precise contours and bold design, tells of rebellion and freedom and embodies pure rock’n’roll passion more authentically than any other.


Floats like a butterfly, stings like a bee! (Muhammad Ali)

As we always say, we know precisely where we come from and where our roots lie. Because we understand tradition! The Jetwing is a further, credible commitment to the good old design language of the golden age of guitars, combined with our promise to present the sound, playability, and workmanship at a level that gives you the feeling of having finally arrived here and now after a long journey through time – with all the good gifts you have brought back from that journey.

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