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Originally designed as an inexpensive guitar series for beginners, pupils, and students, this design has long since found its way into the highest circles of the musician’s world. Like no other, it combines simplicity, directness, honesty, and – as mentioned above – a prominent character. Our Lester Jr. Series is the arrow on the bow of honesty, hitting your audience right in the heart when you let it off the string. 

Maybach Lester Jr. Electric Guitar Hero Shot

It's Only Rock 'n' Roll, My God! It's Not Rocket Science. (Steven Adler) 

Forget everything around you, and let the MAYBACH Lester Jr. hit your A-major chord into the world! Whether with one or two P90s – a Lester Jr. knows only one direction: forward! The puristic and magical combination of light mahogany for the body with the glued-in mahogany neck, plus its classic rosewood fingerboard, don’t allow any other direction! Amber P90 pickups transform the tone in a familiar, catchy, and offensive way, and our neck profile, inspired by the best guitars of the late 1950s, makes you feel at home. 

We equip the instruments of the MAYBACH Lester Jr. Series instruments optionally with one or two P90 pickups and finish them traditionally with nitro lacquer to let breathe the wood. They come in our MAYBACH Luxus Case.

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