The J-Style model didn't become a big hit until the end of the 1980s, when musicians from the grunge and alternative scene brought it back to life for cheap money from the Pawn Shops.

Perhaps this charming guitar was only given the wrong name or too many buttons at that time - visually she was perfect for screaming out the new noise rock authentically into the world with a few distortion pedals in front of the amp.
Another reason for the popularity of this model are guitarists who do not necessarily want to express themselves virtuosically on their instrument, but prefer to experiment with new sounds. The P90 sound (with heavy flat-wound strings for example) has been so popular since 2010 that it can even be heard on the radio.
We have simplified but also equipped the MAYBACH® JazPole so that it is a top working device providing a real sound enrichment for many guitarists. With or without flat wounds.