Be Offset, Be Cool! 

What happens when the mainstream leaves its comfortable, well-worn bed and takes unusual paths best translated as the offset? It surprises, develops unimagined power, and celebrates the new independence with exuberant joy and creativity. And redefines its goals every further minute. If your artist’s heart ticks similarly, then the Maybach Jazpole Series provides you with the board on which you can reliably surf toward new goals. Set the sail! 

Maybach Jazpole Electric Guitar Hero Shot

Music Is Your Own Experience, Your Own Thoughts, Your Wisdom. (Charlie Parker) 

Especially as an outsider, you have to score points with your performance. That’s the only way you can keep your head above water in the sluggish flow of the mainstream. The Maybach JazPole convincingly provides you with the tools to do just that. Its large JM-style offset body is out of lightweight poplar, and two Amber pickups give you the sonic backing to start your offensive from there. And no, the world will definitely not overhear you! 

We’ve broken down the original way-too-complicated JM formula for our Maybach JazPole to its essential components, so now it’s a hip but uncomplicated workhorse for the “ somewhat different“ guitarist. The JazPolecomes with Amber P90 or „Spirit of ’59“ humbucker, a tune-o-matic/stop tailpiece, or – for that authentic shimmer – a Bigsby B5 vibrato. 

All the Maybach JazPole Series instruments are traditionally finished with nitrocellulose lacquer and come in tasteful colors like Caddy Green, Black over Dakota Red, or Olympic White. 

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